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Violin Shaped Swimming Pool

Created by Cipriano Landscape Design & Custom Swimming Pools, the “Stradivarius Violin” swimming pool can be considered an outside piece of art, a reflection of great taste and style. This pool was built for a homeowner who is truly passionate and in love with the 1700s Stradivarius Violin. The pool has a complex structure and the precision and the attention to details is dazzling everyone’s eye. The bridge, tailpiece, purlflings, strings, f-holes, and chin rest of the violin were included in the building project of the pool. The designer took care and included also a spa perimeter to the base of it to assure unforgettable moments to their owners. The spa area can hold up to 12 people and it is lighted by independent LED’s. And if you thought it can’t get any better, any pool settings and landscape utilities can be adjusted with the help of wireless technology and an iPhone, while music can be listened also underwater. The entire pool is illuminated and the glowing strings can synchronize with any kind of music. Do you think that this is extravagant and can get to expensive? A real Stradivarius Violin is priced over $10 million and that means this large version of it is actually cheaper.