Ways To Enjoy Your Garden In The Spring


Spring has sprung! It’s time to get outside and enjoy your garden (weather permitting, of course). If you’re struggling for some inspiration on how, here are a few great ideas:


Spring is a beautiful time of the year. Plants show off their blossom and bring a spot of colour and love to gardens in need of some care. It’s warm enough to get outside and appreciate nature’s efforts with a spot of gardening. De-stressing is important for physical and mental well-being, and is a proven stress reliever.

Ways To Enjoy Your Garden In The Spring

Grow your own

The beauty of having a garden is being able to grow your own produce. Home grown fruit and veg taste fresher and fruitier than forced supermarket fare, and, they’ve come from YOUR backyard!

If you don’t want to dig up and ruin the grass you’ve grown, buying large some pots, (plastic is fine) and filling them with compost then popping in some seeds is another way to grow your own produce. Before you know it, you’ll have home grown vegetables to enjoy. It’s less work to grow plants in pots, but you will need to water them regularly.


If you’re not into mowing the lawn or growing your own vegetables and flowers, then get creative with decking and paving. Spring is the best time to undertake big garden projects.

As the weather starts improving, it’s time to think – you can’t really have a BBQ on soggy, dead grass, but a paved area is made for it. The trick is to pave or deck an open area where sunlight hits. Perhaps the far back wall is a sun trap – if so, pave there. Try leaving some gaps between paving stones to plant some thyme. It smells divine when you step on it and softens the effect. Get rid of that unsightly dead grass by fitting some stepping stones as a garden path.

Ways To Enjoy Your Garden In The Spring_

Outdoor lighting

Whether you have a grassy garden or a landscaped one, lighting is a foolproof way to extend your evenings. Some safe outdoor lighting (and a patio heater) can keep your social gathering in good spirits well into the warm dark hours. Good quality garden lighting from retailers like Lampcommerce will prove priceless during spring and into the summer as you enjoy long nights with friends.

Eat Outside

There’s something special about being able to eat outside in the warmth. The fresh air makes everything taste better! This spring, take your dinner outside. If you have an outdoor plug browse, the Artemide table lamp collection will offer a classy centrepiece.

Try to appreciate and spend more time in your garden this spring, whether that’s relaxing outside reading a book, with friends enjoying a BBQ or getting stuck into some gardening.