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Wild Chair by Jason Goh

For those of you that are passionate about remarkable furniture design, here is a touch of remarkable you can bring to your home for relaxing and having some fun with your loved ones” Squishy Monster Fishy is this lovely wild chair that has been born out of a story that the grandmother of the designer Jason Goh used to say to him so that he would eat all the fish she made for lunch instead of just playing with it. Want to know the story? Or you already guessed it? The grandmother said that if he kept playing with the fish balls, these would eventually turn into a big hairy monster and eat him up! This being said and experienced, the designer though what it would look like for real, and the result is this monstrous Moyee chair that inspires children and adults to playing. The user can rock the ball without rolling the entire chair over, thanks to the body of the chair that is constructed similar to the Roly-Poly toy. A perfect place to read or just hang out, it even has mood lighting inside. Enjoy! 

Via: yankodesign