Best Wood Floor of the Year


For those who are looking to get hardwood floors constructed will surely want to check out the images of the wooden floors that have been given prizes for being innovative in this category. The wooden floors that you see here are the result of the craftsmanship that was done by the Real Antique Wood Company and they were awarded the best award for creating innovative wooden floors at the NWFA 2015 Wood Flooring Expo. Among the different installations done the black walnut slab with live edges was appreciated as it showed a rare talent and skill which made the final aesthetic effect. The hardwood floor helped to transform something simple and plain into a finish that made the floor akin to a piece of art. The installation was done with high attention to detail and the commitment made was superb which is clear as to why this craftsmanship has received an award. You can find several images of the floors and the unique craftsmanship exhibited from the images below which will help you to decide on the kind of hardwood floor that would look good in your home and help transform your living room space.

Wood Floor of the Year The Best Floors of 2015_

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