Yellow Living Room Decoration

Apr 4 2019
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Yellow is a light color that makes you feel warm at home. Therefore, it is commonly referred to as the color of the living room. From your walls to the sofa set, from the carpet to the ornaments you will find decoration ideas for your living room.


Walls and Sofas


Walls and sofas are the first components of a living room since they are the very first thing you will be sighting when you enter the room. So, for a yellow living room, you can consider the sofas and the walls together. You may prefer both to be yellow but with different tones; (i.e.) one is light and the other one is darker yellow or one is white and another one is light yellow. Do not think that white will disrupt your yellow decoration just keep reading.



The Carpet of Your Yellow Living Room


The color of the carpet depends on your walls and the sofas. If you prefer yellow for both your walls and carpet then, you may prefer a carpet containing different tones of yellow. If you choose your walls white, your sofas light yellow or vice versa, you can think about having a carpet on which there is a combination of white and yellow.


The Ornaments

After having done the main components of your living you can consider other accessories such as a middle table, dinner table, or frames. According to your walls, sofas, and carpet, you can choose brown (both light and dark), white, cream, yellow (both light and dark), and one irrelevant color such as blue or purple if you like sharp styles.


Integrating Green to Yellow Living Room

We hide the green to the end since it is a really nice clue to use in your yellow living room. You can use green on any component of your room because it would be perfectly integrated no matter where you put it as long as your eyes feel good. Just keep trying different combinations and see what you like!









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