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Yin Yang Bathtub

We recently discovered a double – Yin & Yang hot tub, the choice for those who desire to take a bath together with the loved one, but who also want enough space for relaxation. This fun bathtub is designed by German company Trautwein and was inspired by the yin yang symbol. It looks like a normal bathtub split in two by a waved line.
Yin & Yang hot tub will become the bathroom accessory that you’ll use whenever you have the opportunity, giving you some unique experiences. The new model can also be considered a couple therapy method in the category that encourages the lovers do more things together. What is new is that this tub features adjustable temperature, various lights, special space for glasses of champagne, and colors and light intensity level. This makes the bathtub ideal for day time use as much as for night time using. Check out this piece, and make sure you share with us your opinion on it.