pencil shaving lampshade

You will not Believe How Much Effort Nanako Kume Puts for Pencil Shaving Lampshades


Hold your breath because we are about to surprise you with the most creative lampshade design. The Japanese artist Nanako Kume turned her observations into art. She has been creating pencil shaving lampshades. Yes, you are seeing right. She works hard, thinks hard, and creates unbelievably cute and creative lampshades. You may wonder how she achieves this pencil sharpener shape. Let us give you a clue: She has a massive sharpener that she built on her own.


Sharpener lampshades

Nanako Kume


The Process of Pencil Shaving Lampshades

In order to ring a bell in your mind, we would like to share the manufacturing process of these stunning sharpener lampshades. Please note that we are not sure if you can order these lampshades. Because we could not find a store selling the lampshades. By the way, if you find one, please let us know where the store is!


Step 1: Shaping the Wood

Nanako first takes a wooden block and puts the block into a wood-shaping machine. We do not know the details of the machine. But according to the sharpener lampshades, we suppose that she uses circular or square shapes. After giving the shape to the wood, she puts the wooden block into the water so that the wooden block becomes stronger.


Shaping the wood

Nanako Kume


Step 2: Painting

After taking the wood out of the water, Nanako starts painting the wooden block. We assume that she waits a while so that the wood dries. She paints the wooden rod by spraying it with paint. She shows how she paints in her YouTube video. After spraying the rod, she puts the rod into a steamy rod so that it becomes softer. 


painitng the wooden rod

Nanako Kume


Step 3: Sharpening

She puts the wooden blocks into a massive sharpening machine. Of course, the machine is not automated; it is manually operated. Therefore, we appreciate how much effort Nanako puts into creating her pencil shaving lampshades.


sharpening the wooden rod

Nanako Kume

Step 4: Final Shape

After sharpening the wood, the artist gives the final shape to the sharpened wooden pieces. Later, these rolled pieces become sharpener lampshades.

sharpened wooden pieces

Nanako Kume

pencil shaving lampshades

Nanako Kume