$120 Million Supersonic Business Jet Aerion AS2


For those who have billions to spare they can take a look at the private supersonic jet that has been designed by Avia Design Aerion Corporation called Aerion AS2. The company is said to be taking orders for the jet as its final design has been made successful in the market. The aircraft was designed with the help of Airbus Group that has lent considerable engineering support and as a result, the aircraft has now moved into the development stage.

The laminar flow technology that is proprietary of the company helps to reduce aerodynamic drag of the wings. The reduction is by eighty percent of the usual aircrafts and as a result, the jet is capable of undergoing longer flights. The flight time between Washington and Paris is cut by three hours as a result of the unique wing design. A journey from Singapore to San Francisco can take a mere six and a half hours. The jet cannot be flown over land due to the sonic boom concerns, but over oceans it can definitely be flown. A technology is being worked upon to help absorb the shock waves above ground level. The 120 million supersonic business jet cabin is designed to accommodate around eleven people.

$120 Million Supersonic Business Jet Aerion AS2 1 $120 Million Supersonic Business Jet Aerion AS2 2

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