How To Make Luminaries With Water Balloons - DIY Project

How To Make Luminaries With Water Balloons – DIY Project

Luminaries are beautiful to have in the house, not for decorating purposes only, but they can also create us a romantic atmosphere when we are with our special loved one, they can create a more beautiful environment when we have […]

pumpkin carving

Halloween Pumpkin Carving – DIY Tinker Bell Pixie Dust

Halloween is approaching and people already start to search for inspiration and awesome projects to make for this special period of the year. Pumpkins are a must and they can’t miss from any home. Not only adults will love this […]


26 Street Arts with Nature

Nature and urban living does not always go hand in hand, but when it does, it surely is an art form, which will mesmerize you in all ways. There are numerous street artists across the world that has the skill […]


Multifunctional Arm Chair With a Bed Attached

The present day world is all about utilization of the best resources and that is why there are many products that are designed in such as way that it gives a dual function. Elena Sidorova has been producing some of […]


Mirror, Mirror in the House

This one is based on a magical concept and it has been able to scale the reputation. This house is made of small mirrors that are curved by hands. There are thousands of these mirrors. The main attraction of the […]


Baileys Filling Beer Mug Cupcakes

Spoil your guests with these amazing beer mug cupcakes. They look as good as they taste and they are filled with delicious Bailey’s Irish Cream. You will find the list of ingredients down below. Cake ingredients: 3 eggs, 1/2 cup […]


Twist Your Office Into a Bed

We bring a nice suggestion for those that prefer to work at home (or sleeping in their work place). Created by the designer Mira Schroder, this bed desk is a valuable piece for any space of limited size. This convertible […]


Vertical Pyramid Garden Planter – DIY

When planing your garden layout and trying to correct the planting space and you do not have enough space for all the plants you wish to have, try going vertical. This project will bring to you that extra space you […]


  • Smarty-Ring-for-Smart-Phone-03
    Smarty Ring for Smart Phone
    Posted in: Technology

    If you are lazy to search in your bag for your phone, or to reach into your back pocket, just to find no new notifications, Smarty Ring is perfect for you. Its bluetooth 4.0 technology lets you always get real […]

  • C.24_The_Music_Keyboard_for_iPad_1
    C.24 Wireless Music Keyboard
    Posted in: Technology

    The C.24 is a two octave wireless music keyboard designed for iPad. The ultra portable C.24 transforms from a protective cover into a piano-style keyboard at the touch of a spring-loaded latch.

  • 0081
    Pixelate – Eating Game
    Posted in: Technology

    Pixelate is a Guitar-Hero-style eating game in which players compete in a one-minute showdown to see who can eat the most food in the correct order. A digital interface built into a custom dining table shows players which foods to […]

  • iwatch_concept5
    Apple iWatch Concept
    Posted in: Technology

    Apple iWatch Concept designed by James Ivaldi. I’m sure that the most you will love is this concept in many others.Creation of the Jivaldi team, this beauty features a flexible interface. Wearable technology is the future and this one is […]

  • lumi_01
    All in One Mause/Keyboard
    Posted in: keyboard, Technology

    All in One Mause/Keyboard designed by Sung-Hyeon Yoo.There is nothing better than an ultra-thin, compact, wireless keyboard. Virtual keyboard projects directly on the desk surface. A triple motion sensor, beam projector, and optical sensor that detect the movement of the […]

  • Sonte-Film-1
    DIY WiFi Digital Shades
    Posted in: DIY, Technology

    Curtains are used for as long one can memorize, and Sonte Film looks for entirely changing the way one looks at these. This digital user friendly film is a stylish layer that can be coated to any existing window and […]

  • aa
    Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse
    Posted in: keyboard, Technology

    Multi-Touch keyboards and mouse are the next generation peripherals.Designed by Jason Giddings. These elegant devices are composed of quality tempered glass, a solid metal base, and other quality components. These are creatively made using a simple and sophisticated technology and […]