DIY Valentine’s Day decorations

10 Perfect DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas


Every day is special for our relationship. But most of us like to celebrate February 14 with our partners. If you are willing to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day, we grabbed some DIY ideas. If you do not have time, you can buy these items on a budget.


Couple celebrating Valentine's Day


Here is the list for DIY Valentine’s Day decorations:


Heart Wreath Made of Puzzle Pieces

A puzzle-heart wreath is easy to make, but it may take a little time. In order to make this wreath, you should follow the steps below:

  • Paint puzzle pieces with red, pink, or any other color you wish.
  • Buy a cardboard box. Cut a wide heart out of it. Later, cut a smaller heart inside the heart.
  • Start sticking puzzle pieces onto the heart shape.
  • Attach a ribbon to the top of the heart in order to hang the wreath on the door.


Puzzle Heart Wreath

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DIY Valentine’s Day Tree

This item is a little challenging. In order to create a Valentine’s Day tree, you will need colorful boards. If you have time to make the tree, follow the steps below. If you do not have time, you can find similar trees in stores.

  • Form the body of the tree. If you want to create a realistic body, you can twist the boards and give them a tree-wavy shape.
  • Go on with the boughs. You can twist the boards again.
  • Attach the boughs to the tree with glue or hot silicone.
  • Attach the whole tree to a piece of cardboard in order to keep it steady.
  • Cut heart-shaped, colorful note cards. and write some notes to your partner. If you cannot find what to write, you can write these: kiss me, hug me, I love you, only you, etc.


Valentine's Day photo tree

Green Wreath Decorated with Note Cards

A green wreath is a great way to welcome your partner on Valentine’s Day. Making a circle-shaped wreath may be challenging for you. You can easily go and buy a green wreath. Later, put some colorful note cards or hearts on the wreath. The last step is to hang the wreath on the door.


Heart-shaped cake

If your inner voice says, “Enough with the hearts!”, you can use other cake molds as well. Making a cake for your partner is one of the best ways to show that you care about them. But bake the cake according to your partner’s taste. In addition, keep in mind not to add ingredients that your partner is allergic to.


Valentine's Day cake

Drink Stirrer for Valentine’s Day

In order to add some color to the atmosphere, you can buy pom-pom drink stirrers. There are many types of these stirrers. You can serve juice or sangria with these.


pom pom drink stirrers

Wall Art with Flowers

One of the best DIY Valentine’s Day decorations is flowers that your partner likes. In order to be creative, you can make wall art with flowers. For example, you can make a small bouquet of flowers and stick them on a colorful piece of cardboard. Later, you can either hang your wall art on the wall or use it as a table decoration.


Photo Bouquet

A photo bouquet is one of the most original DIY ideas. Print some of your photos with your partner. Then, buy a bouquet of flowers that your partner likes. Lastly, attach your photos to the flowers. Your photo bouquet is ready!


Photo Frame Made of Wine Corks

It is time to be creative. A photo frame made of wine corks is not only for Valentine’s Day but also for your whole life. If you want to be real romantic, collect wine corks belonging to the wines that you has drunk together with your partner. You can create a picture frame out of wine corks. All you need is to halve the cork vertically and stick them on a cardboard. You can choose whichever shape you want. The last step is placing a picture of you both!


Valentine's day DIY photo frame made of wine corks

Your Own Valentine’s Day Candles

Candles always change the atmosphere of the room. What will change more the atmosphere is your making own candles. Here is how you can make your candles at home:

Supply list:

  • Soy wax flakes
  • Natural wicks
  • Essential Oils
  • Mason jars
  • A stirring device
  • Chopstick or a pencil


Steps to follow:

  • Melt wax
  • Add your essential oils.
  • Anchor the wicks and pour the wax
  • Wait about an hour until your candle becomes solid.


Valentine’s Day Cups

You will definitely drink something during your Valentine’s Day celebration. In order to make the day more special, you can design your own cups. If you want, you can easily draw shapes or write notes on paper cups. If you are looking for ceramic or glass cups, you can buy colorful pens made especially for porcelain and decorate your cups.


DIY cups