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11 Kitchen Organization Ideas for a Better Kitchen

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For most people, cleaning the kitchen is a nightmare. If you do not keep organizing your kitchen or the entire house, you will always postpone cleaning or decluttering your kitchen. There are tons of things you can do. We will move step by step and share our kitchen organization ideas. All you need is to be patient and firm.

kitchen organization ideas

How to Organize a Kitchen


Get plastic container organizers.

Plastic containers are a great help in the kitchen. We can use them for almost everything except hot or warm food. But when it comes to storing these containers, it becomes a nightmare. Our kitchen organization ideas consist of organizing plastic containers as well. There are container organizers both in stores and on the internet. According to your needs, you should definitely get one.

Hang shelves or caddies for essentials.

While cooking, you will need some essentials like spices, oils, towels, spoons, and ladles. And it is certain that after cooking, the kitchen becomes a battlefront. In order not to lose time and create a mess, keep your spices on a spice rack, hang your towel near the sink, and place a spoon rest near your cooker.

Buy a bag dispenser.

If you do not prefer using sustainable textile bags, you might have dozens of plastic bags as a result of your grocery shopping. It is hard to keep them in order after a while. Therefore, you should get a bag dispenser, which you can hang on the wall or keep in your cabinet.


Add bins to your fridge.

Kitchen organization ideas are simple. All you need to do is add organizers or bins. Your fridge also needs to be organized with organizing bins. To keep your fridge decluttered, buy several bins and categorize your fridge according to the goods.

Place a rolling cart.

A rolling cart or a shelving system may seem like a small step for organizing a kitchen. But, after using it, you cannot imagine a kitchen without it. Rolling carts are small, wheeled shelves. You can put your cans, jars, spices, or cleaning appliances in the cart.

Get help from cabinet racks.

Placing pots, plates, and other dining stuff in cabinets creates a mess. It is hard to put this stuff in the cabinet, and it is also hard to take it out of the cabinet. There are cabinet racks that will help you with kitchen organization ideas.

Declutter your spoon rack.

Is there anyone who likes a crowded utensil drawer? Of course, everyone hates utensil drawers without order. In order to get rid of the mess and not postpone organizing your drawer, buy a spoon rack, and try to get the ones with several sections.

Buy a knife block.

Knives are dangerous. And most of us do not have a regular knife block. In addition, traditional knife blocks occupy too much space. There are knife blocks that can be hung or put in the drawers next to the spoon rack. Modern knife blocks are one of the best kitchen organization ideas.


Get a bottle stand.

Water bottles or coffee flasks can fall too easily. Thus, it creates clutter in our cabinets. The best way to keep your bottles organized is to place a stand in your cabinet. And place your bottles horizontally.


Place hooks.

Hooks are a great help for organizing a kitchen. If you do not have enough space to keep organized in your kitchen, you can place hooks around your kitchen. For example, you can buy mug hooks to hang your mugs. Or you can buy towel hooks for your towels or bags. You can even hang your spoons for cooking to create a tidy and sophisticated kitchen.



Hang baskets.

There are lots of items in our kitchen. And kitchen organization ideas are unlimited. Our last piece of advice to keep your kitchen tidy is to hang baskets in the cabinets. You can put your toiletry products, such as sponges, soaps, etc., in these baskets.


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