5 Furnishings to Modernize Your Bathroom


According to the Huffington Post, Americans spend 30 minutes in the bathroom every day, with one in four people making a visit of more than an hour. 63 percent of users admitted to reading magazines, newspapers and books behind the locked door. But is this all that surprising? When you think about it, not really. The bathroom isn’t just a place to do your business anymore. It’s the only room in the house where we are guaranteed some privacy and alone time. So why don’t we make it a place that really shines? A place where we can primp and bathe with some style?

Here’s a list of five furnishings that will make your bathroom a room of decadence and indulgence!

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who Has the Best Bathroom of All?

There are three things that a bathroom mirror must be: practical, functional and beauteous. We use our bathroom mirrors every day. Whether it’s to do our hair, brush our teeth or to make sure our shirt is right side out, we are constantly making use of the mirror, even if only for five minutes.

Bathroom mirrors come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Oblong, circular or rectangular, the bathroom mirror should be one of the main design elements in the space. A mirror does three things: it adds style, increases light and gives the illusion of offering more space. The American Imaginations Xena mirror offers style, functionality and artistry in its clean rectangular form and playful cut-away frame.

The Side Table: A Little Splash of Sophistication

Close your eyes and think about the décor of your bathroom. What are its staple fixtures? You’re probably thinking about the tub, the toilet, the sink, the trash can and the vanity. I’m willing to bet ‘side table’ did not spring to your mind at all. It didn’t for me either until I realized how often I would use it!

As someone without a lot of counter space in the bathroom, getting ready in the morning required that I put my makeup bag and other things (not the toothbrush, never the toothbrush) on the closed-lidded toilet. No matter how clean I kept the bathroom, putting any of my stuff on the toilet felt gross. So one day I decided to do something about it—I got a side table. Not only does a side table provide for great storage space, it also brings a touch of class to place. Decoist writes that the side table provides for a more attractive bathroom setting. Side tables aren’t just for the bedroom anymore!

Light it Up with Wall Sconces

Anyone who gets ready for the day in their bathroom knows the importance of light. A well-lit bathroom helps you spot that errant hair stuck to your arm just as much as it gives the space an open, clean vibe.

The question is, what type of lighting fixture would work best in your bathroom? It’s in the bathroom that wall sconces never fail to disappoint. The Malibu wall sconce designed by Feiss lighting has a sleek, sparkling quality of design. The base’s polished nickel finish frames the etched glass drum shade, creating for a unified, cleanly-lined design. Hung at either side of the vanity mirror, wall sconces help frame the mirror and the activities done in front of it all while filling the room with a cheery bright light.  

The Transportable Shelf: The Bath Caddy

What exactly is the function of a bath caddy? The bath caddy extends from one side of your tub to the other, and can hold food, drink, electronics and paperbound book. The bath caddy is essentially a shelf made specially to enjoy the comfort of your bathroom. Have you ever sat in the bath and wished you could just prop up a book in front of you and not worry about it falling into the water? A bath caddy can do that for you. Whether you order one custom made or find one in a store, the bath caddy is every luxury bathroom’s basic accessory.

The Showy Shower Curtain

Probably one of the more fun things to shop around for (and certainly one of the cheaper options) is the shower curtain. Its own hanging work of art, the shower curtain can be as plain or as ornate as you like. The shower curtain can provide color, a silhouette and clean lines in the space, creating for a fresh, orderly effect.

Your bathroom should feel like a place you can be your true, absolute self in. So why not jazz it up with your own personal stylings?