7 Ideas to Create an Urban Jungle Style into Your Home

7 Ideas to Create an Urban Jungle Style into Your Home


In the midst of rapid urbanization, our longing for nature and tranquility becomes increasingly evident. Cities often lack spaces where we can escape, breathe fresh air, and connect with the natural world. However, in 2017, designers introduced an ingenious concept: an urban jungle style design concept. This innovative idea aimed to bridge the gap between urban and rural living by infusing our interior spaces with an abundance of plants and natural elements. By embracing this trend, we can create our own little oasis within the concrete jungle, transforming every room into a lush and invigorating haven. In this article, we will explore the fundamental principles of urban jungle-style interior design and provide practical tips to help you bring this refreshing green aesthetic into your home. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where nature thrives, even in the heart of the city.


The characteristics of the urban jungle style are easy:

  • Use of plants,
  • Natural light,
  • Natural elements,
  • Use of greenery and sustainability.


7 Ideas to Create an Urban Jungle Style into Your Home


Basics of Urban Style Interior Design


Choose plants

Every home decoration trend consists of adding a few plants around the house. But the focus of the urban jungle style is plants. Therefore, you will need to create your own little jungle. Before going to a store and buying random plants, be sure to do research about plants. It is important to place the plants in the right place with the right soil and a vase.

On the other hand, some plants tend to absorb oxygen in the room. Therefore, you need to check these plants and try to avoid getting too many of them. At least try to be sure that in your bedroom there are no oxygen-absorbing plants!


choose plants for your urban jungle


Do not overdo the colors.

Urban jungle-style interior design can be integrated with basic colors. Because the aim is to bring a fresh and relaxing ambiance to the room, So, after choosing your plants, you can decide on a color scheme. Designers generally direct house owners to choose white or beige. Because these two colors allow plants to spring up in the room with perfect and bright greens,

On the other hand, you may want to create an accent wall in some of your rooms. In this case, you can choose colors like pink, orange, or gold. Moreover, you may also like to go with green shades. Versions of green can also create a good match with plants. Other colors that you can use for urban jungle-style decoration are brown, gray, yellow, etc. But, to conclude, you do not need to limit yourself to the shades of color. Urban jungle style means relaxation and peace. So create yourself with your style!


an urban jungle in bedroom


Use natural light.

Natural light is one of the most important elements in house decoration. On the other hand, natural light is an essential part of house planting. Additionally, natural light will make your room look bigger and more spacious. Therefore, for the urban jungle style, you should try to incorporate natural light as much as possible. If you do not want to leave your windows completely uncovered, you may try semi-sheer curtains or curtains with bright colors.


natural light


Add natural materials.

Just like its name suggests, the urban jungle style will require both urban and jungle elements. For example, you may choose earthy tones for pillows or sheets while the main frame of your furniture is wooden. For accessories, you can give a chance to bamboo, stone, terracotta, and other natural elements. If you go for natural materials, you will also create a sustainable home!


Create a world with shelves.

You will have a little jungle in your home. As house plants require vases, you will need to place your plants around your house. To create some kind of movement and style, you may try to incorporate shelves made of bamboo, wood, or other earthy elements. On the other hand, installing shelves around the house will help you declutter.


living room with plants


Try wallpapers

You can ask who uses wallpaper anyway, but be sure that you can create a perfect atmosphere with a little extra touch. For example, instead of using vivid colors for an accent wall, you can try wallpaper with animals or plants on it. If you do not like the view, it is easy to take the wallpaper off the wall.


Use mirrors

Mirrors will tell you if your home is the best urban jungle-style home! Whether your home is large or small, you should always place a mirror in your rooms according to the style you choose. But try to place your mirror opposite or next to the window to reflect natural light better.