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10 Bathroom Tiles Models

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The tiles and patterns are a design element that is strong enough to completely change the face of the living space in which they exist. Each pattern and form really promises different things in terms of aesthetics and characterizes the characteristic of the bath in question. The most ideal material for the wet floor is tiles, ceramic or tile coating is said to be the first bathroom that comes to mind. First of all, in the case of bathrooms, let’s not say that a large part of the decoration load is in the tiles. They are tile models that determine the main character of bathrooms and save them from mediocrity.  Most of the tiles used on both walls and floors have different colors and patterns as well as models in different forms play a big role in creating exactly the desired atmosphere and style in bathroom areas.

Flat Tiles Models

To create a different and elegant bathroom, you don’t necessarily have to have complex, crowded and never seen tiles patterns and models. On the contrary, the simplicity and the classic array of tiles always have an impressive texture and this influence is beyond time. You don’t have to fear that a straight line will have a trend. For those looking for long-lasting and practical examples, straight-line tiles will always be a good option. You can create the texture you want to create in your bathroom with the color you choose.  If they are used on the wall with dark tones of flat and classic square tiles on the floor, light-toned flat tiles create a great contrast.

Subway Tiles

Rectangular tiles are the most traditional and common tiles in this series. These kinds of white rectangular tiles were first called metro tiles because they were used in the London subway, and today they are still called subway tiles. The most important feature of this model is its simple and clear aesthetics and its sophisticated and nostalgic atmosphere.  If you are looking for a small and elegant tile model, but you are looking for a stylish and stylish tile model, then you can choose the subway tile model for the walls of your bathroom.  It is a unique model with beauty and simplicity that will never go out of fashion with its modern and traditional structure.

Hexagonal forms

For those who want a contemporary, extraordinary and glamorous look, hexagonal tiles always stand out with their attractive styles. Hexagonal tiles always provide a more sophisticated and striking texture to their bathrooms. But of course, color options are expanding this impact to a much wider range. You don’t have to limit your selection to a single color in hexagonal tiles as in flat tile forms.  Different gradients and color tones that create impressive designs are enough to add a very characteristic feature to the bathrooms.







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