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crumpled paper architecture

AI-generated Paper Architecture Will Blow Your Mind

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One of the biggest fears of human beings is that AI will take over our jobs. In recent months, we have been introduced to several kinds of artificial intelligence that can design, write, Photoshop, and do many other things. At first, everyone thought it was time for us to step aside. But now we can see that AI can actually help improve our work. For example, the renowned artist Tim Fu has been creating awesome works with AI tools. Every design he creates becomes popular in a short time. His AI-generated paper architecture is really breathtaking.

Tim Fu stated that he did not create AI-generated paper architecture on Midjourney, Dalle, or Stable Diffusion. He did not mention which AI tool he used. But he will announce the tool later. Just like Tim creates designs on other tools, he inputs commands into the tool. The unannounced tool can create visuals according to the prompt text. The rest belongs to the designer.

Crumpled paper architecture


Crumpled Paper Architecture on Keyboard

What makes Tim’s AI-generated paper architecture important is the way he creates it. He simply crumples the paper and creates architectural pieces according to the shapes of the paper form. The artist specifically puts the paper on the laptop keyword for a purpose. The AI tool can understand the scale according to the position of the paper on the keyboard.

architectural designs on AI

Tim Fu


Being a full-time designer at Zaha Hadid Architecture, Tim Fu is quite productive. The artist shares new designs every week, and his followers are loyal to him. We believe that his followers on social media can direct him to be more productive and creative. Although some of them find his way of thinking strange, most of his followers think he has a very unusual but wise way of thinking.

crumpled paper on laptop

Tim Fu


The AI-generated architecture examples will open a new way of thinking for other designers, for sure. The artist calls his new design series crumpled Paper Architecture. So, here is the question for you: Do you think the AI-generated paper architecture is creative or nonsense?



Tim Fu


rendered image of architectural design

Tim Fu

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