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Arma scooter is a new way of commuting

Arma Scooter is a New Way of Commuting

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Rush hours, traffic jams, lots of people on the street… Sometimes it becomes impossible to arrive at the destination, right? In the past, bicycles were one of the most popular transportation vehicles other than motor vehicles. But, in recent years, scooters have become a more popular option for those who suffer from traffic and would like to enjoy nature. Arma Scooter is an e-scooter producer, that offers users eco-friendly commuting. The best part of this vehicle is its portability. It means that when you do not need the scooter, you can fold it and carry it in its bag. Yes, it can be carried in a bag that has the same dimensions as A-4-size paper.


Arma scooter is a new way of commuting



This advanced scooter design offers many advantages that can be summarized below:


Easy Fold Up

You can easily fold up and take the Arma Scooter into ride mode. It takes 30 seconds at most. The carry-mode and ride-more are patented, which is a special feature of Arma.


Changeable Battery

The range of electric scooters is generally low. Arma scooters also have a low range. However, you can swap batteries, which allows you to have longer journeys. Therefore, it is one of the high-performance scooters appreciated by users.



The designers of the Arma portable scooter are Japanese designers. As we observe in every Japanese craftsmanship, Arma has an advanced scooter design. Here is the answer to the compactness of the Arma Scooter.


Technical Specifications

Motor: 36V/250W

Top Speed: 14.9mph (24 km/h)

Weight: 10 lbs (4.5 kg)

Load Capacity: Up to 220 lbs (100kg)

Range: 7 miles (11 km)

Charging Time: 2 hours



It is better to remember that the Arma Scooter project is still under development. You will keep hearing great news about the project, which aims to enhance urban mobility.



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