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Permanent Magnet Motor in, Rare Earth Elements out

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The whole world follows the latest news about Tesla excitedly. The company and its CEO, Elon Musk, keep surprising us. Because Elon Musk and his team are passionate about achieving the things considered cannot be done. Although electric vehicles date to the 19th century, Tesla has been leading the way to make them popular. And the company is quite successful. At the company’s Investor Day, Elon Musk announced that they will design and create a permanent magnet motor.


Elon Musk speaking at Investor Day 2023

Details of Tesla’s New Engine

First of all, we would like to mention that the permanent magnet motor will not consist of rare earth elements. Normally, electric vehicle producers use these elements in motors. Tesla has used these elements in DC permanent magnet motors. In addition, the company stated that in the last 5 years, it decreased the usage of rare earth elements and increased the effectiveness of the drivetrain.

The company simply stated that they will create a permanent magnet motor, but unfortunately, they skipped informing us how they will manage it. But we are sure that in the next few days, the company will explain all the details. The best way will probably be Elon Musk’s Twitter account.


Rare earth elements used in electic vehicles

Which elements are rare earth elements?

We can list rare earth elements as follows:

Sy (Scandium), Y (Yttrium), La (Lanthanum), Ce (Cerium), Pr (Praseodymium), Nd (Neodymium), Pm (Promethium), Sm (Samarium), Eu (Europium), Gd (Gadolinium), Tb (Terbium), Dy (Dysprosium), Ho (Holmium), Er (Erbium), Tm (Thulium), Yb (Ytterbium). As you have learned by now, companies use these elements for their electric vehicle motors. The most common is neodymium. The manufacturers use this element for speakers, electric motors, and hard drives. Besides Neodymium, companies use Terbium, Dysprosium, and Praseodymium as additives to Neodymium magnets. We will see in the near future how Tesla will eliminate these elements and create permanent magnet motors.

periodic table


Tesla electric vehicle Model 3


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