B Turtle Micro-Caravan


Named for its resemblence to the shell on a turtle’s back, the B Turtle Micro-Caravan is a compact bike trailer which transforms into a comfortable sleeping tent for 2 people. With a weight of only 30kg, the trailer simply attaches to the rear of your bicycle while it is in turtle mode. It has a sturdy yet lightweight aluminium frame, an accessible transport tray and overlying air tent. This comes in handy as a comfortable roadside seat for any stops you might make along the way.

When you’ve found a place to set up camp, easily transform your turtle by unfolding and extending the trailer. The tent attaches to the trailer with the use of velcro straps and aluminium struts help to keep it all in place. Depending on the type of pump you use, the whole setup including inflation of the tent should take between 10-20 minutes.

Once complete, the spacious tent measures 210cm in length by 130cm in width and has a height of 2 metres. An awning connects to the entrance area providing headroom and a rollable doorway. There is also plenty of storage space as the solid aluminium tub has a load capacity of 120 litres. A waterproof pvc and heavy duty zippers help to keep you and your belongings safe from the weather. Light and ventilation in the tent is ensured by a window on the rear wall and two windows with mosquito nets on both sides. You’re sure to have a great night’s sleep inside this well thought-out shell of innovation.