Backpack Bicycle by Bergmönch


Most of the people use the term “hiking” for when referring to a vigurous, long walk in the countryside, often on this footpaths with a rough beaten or dirt surfaces. These trails may be for walkers use only, but there are many that are for the use of cycling, snowshoeing, horse riding, or cross-country skiing. There are areas where trails are the main access route to remote settlements. Well, this is what hiking means in Canada and USA, while in the Irish Republic and United Kingdom, they use the term “walking” to describe any type of walking, weather it is a walk on the city streets, or in the park, or even trekking in the Alps. In the UK, the term “hiking” is used sometimes along with: “rambling”, “hillwalking” and fell walking. The same definition of the term “hiking” has “tramping” in New Zeeland. There are a lot of studies around the world, that suggest hiking/walking have health benefits.
For those people that love hiking and riding a bike as much separate as they love them together, some parts of the trails might get difficult if you are forced to walk and somehow carry your bike up. During the climb, this can get quite annoying. To help you in such difficult moments we would like to share with you the Folding Backpack Bicycle introduced by Bergmonch. This bicycle allows you to climb unrestricted and hand free. It has an integrated rucksack system that offers the possibility of carrying it like a back back, and lets you drive it like a bike when going down.