Future of Cycling? Angell Mobility's Take on E-bikes

Future of Cycling? Angell Mobility’s Take on E-bikes


Especially in recent years, environmental issues have become a top priority for people around the globe. We are trying to lessen the gasses emitted from motorized vehicles and turn to greener solutions. Thus, we are replacing internal combustion engines with electric ones. But there is an even more environmentally friendly solution to travel, bicycles! With us, people as their engine, bicycles are very green. However, hills and the fact that bicycles are quite demanding especially during long rides eliminates them as a choice. But, there is also a solution for that; smart e-bikes, which are the future of cycling!

Future of Cycling By Angell Mobility

We all have heard of e-bikes, but earlier versions have not been so user friendly. Older e-bikes are mostly heavy, sluggish and do not have the same feel as a bicycle. Angell Mobility aims to change that. Immediately when you take a look at the bikes they design, you see that they aim to make their bicycles look like bicycles, not motorized machines. They also keep their bicycles light, their M size Cruiser model for example only weighs 18.6kg (41 lbs). For an e-bike it is quite impressive. One thing that also stands out is the simplicity of the design. It is not complicated just like how a standard bicycle should be but also integrates technology to provide the future of cycling. 

A Smart Bicycle

Angell Mobility not only provides an e-bike, but also a smart one. They integrate IoT technologies into their bicycles. The bicycle provides embedded intelligence and has a compatible mobile application. They also provide a solution for one of the biggest fears of city cyclists, theft. Their bikes come with an anti-theft system they are so confident in that they provide a 2-year replace warranty if your bike gets stolen. You can lock your bike, have an alarm system on your phone and track it with GPS. Blinkers, brake lights, fall detectors, also come equipped from the factory. With its 2.4” screen on the handle, you can easily manage your bike. They also have a limited edition version available in partnership with Mini, which looks simply stunning!