Bolwoningen Neighborhood in Netherlands

Bolwoningen Neighborhood is not from Alien Movies


In Hortogenbosch, Netherlands, we have discovered a neighborhood called Bolwoningen. What makes this neighborhood unique is its ball-shaped houses. Yes, these houses are not for an alien movie. Or for cultural events. People actually live in these ball houses. The history of the Bolwoningen dates to 1968, when the Dutch government decided to build low-cost houses.



The architect of the project is Dris Kreikampa. He once stated that the inspiration for these strange houses was Inuit igloos and clay huts in Africa. Although he designed the project in 1968, the construction of the Bolwoningen started in 1980. We do not know exactly what happened in these 12 years, and construction started later. There are 50 sphere houses included in the project right now. The projects consist of houses made of cement that are reinforced with fiberglass. The construction company mounted the Bolwoningen, with its 18-foot body diameter, on the base.


Ball-shaped houses



More about Bolwoningen


Each of Bolwoningen’s houses has 11 round windows. Just like the façade design, the interior layout is also unusual. For example, the bathroom of the house is in the center. On the second floor, there are a kitchen and a living room. The best part of Bolwoningen is its mobility. You can disassemble the house and relocate it, whether on the ground or water.


the bathroom of the Bolwoningen


Although locals do not like these ball houses, both residents and tourists love them. In fact, the residents decorated their houses according to the shape of the house. Everything in these houses is round: round windows, a round sofa, a round bed, a round side table, etc. According to the research, these round houses make the residents calmer and remind them of Earth. So, locals may not love the projects, but we can say that the project has fulfilled its aim. The houses are both inexpensive and comfy. If you would like to see the houses, keep in mind that Hortogenbosch is 1 hour away from Amsterdam.


Wound windows






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