Buzzraw X Series Electric Bikes by Coast Cycles

Buzzraw X Series Electric Bikes by Coast Cycles
The latest design of Coast Cycles is the Buzzraw electric bikes E1000 has been launched a few months ago. People loved that exciting bike with its resemblance to the old urban cruisers.
After a few months, Coast Cycles worked even harder.They released another new range electric bike called the Buzzraw X Series.
Indeed the X Series is a combination of three electric bike designs. They are the Buzzraw X Pedal, Buzzraw X250, and the Buzzraw X750. When you compare to the previous design of Coast Cycles you will see that they added new features.
Their latest design includes full suspension and silent cruising drive option.
The most popular of these three e-bikes is definitely X750. Its has special features like the usage of metal powder coating. It has a scratch resistant thermoset polymer for tough riding. And 80 mm dual suspension to ride on bumpy land. It also has a removable 48V lithium-ion battery with an output of 750 watts with per pedal stroke. With a single charge, you can ride up to 28 miles.
The Buzzraw electric bikes X250 and X750 both have a handlebar assembled display.
It shows speed, battery, distance, and other relevant information. You have the option to choose between many pedal assist modes. The good news is that all bikes in the X Series are available for pre-order now.


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