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Center Table Buying Guide: Tips and Questions to Ask Yourself

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The center table serves as a serving table, a footrest, a storage area for books and periodicals, a workstation, and even a gaming area. Therefore, a living room without a table is incomplete for us. When you consider how important a coffee table is in a living room, it’s amazing how frequently it’s overlooked. In recent months, many individuals have re-evaluated the comfort and layout of a center table, which can serve as improvised furniture. Selecting the right scale and material for your coffee table may have a huge impact on how it performs and how long it lasts.

The size of the center table is equally as significant as its form and style. Because the selections are infinite and at times overwhelming, they may totally transform the look and feel of your living space. These pointers will guide you through the maze of options and point you in the direction of the ideal coffee table.


Center Table Buying Tips

Budget of the table

The cost of a center table can range from affordable to expensive. So, you should determine your budget before you begin shopping. The majority of the expenditure may be spent on furniture such as a sofa, dining table, and center table.


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Choose the ideal form for your area when you arrange the layout of your living room. Is it a huge, small, or narrow room? If you have children or dogs, a round or oval center table is great. Because of the curved edge, a sharp edge would cause no harm. Allowing 30 inches of space between the television console and the center table and using a rectangular form for the center table will give you the correct amount of area for circulation around it. Because it curves away from the television console, a rounded one will give you more space.



You will be able to select the size you require, just as you will be able to determine the form. The height of the center table is critical. Because it should not be lower than 1-2 inches from the seat of your couch. The regular height is 16–18 inches. And it works nicely with a standard-sized couch. A larger table, 20–21 inches in height, will be needed for a higher sofa. When you host your guests, a higher table makes it easier to place a drink or a plate.



Another key consideration is understanding the functionality of the center table. Will the table be ornamental or functional? How much storage will be required? Tables might include drawers or shelves to store stuff. Choose a piece that can easily handle the beverages and food platter. If the goal is to decorate, you might concentrate on the color, lines, and feel of a material you like.


Material of the center table

It is critical to select a center table material that is long-lasting and robust. Because of its durability and traditional beauty, wood is a popular material for tables. Other than that, marble, tempered glass, fiberboard, metal frames, and acrylic are also excellent material alternatives. We would like to warn you about the coffee tables made of tempered glass. Be sure about the quality of the glass. Because sometimes tempered glass of poor quality may explode.



Your table should complement not just your sofa or couch but also every item in your living room. So, you should research the style before purchasing. As a result, considering a theme for your living room will aid in selecting the type of center table. For example, if you want a modern theme, coffee tables made of wood, glass, and metal, or simply one or two of each material would work best. Innovative and eye-catching coffee table designs frequently complement modern themes. If you have a small living room, you can use a center table made of metal or glass.


Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying the Center Table

Do I really need a coffee table?

How often will I use it?

Do I need extra storage?

Do I have enough space?

Do I need a table as well? Maybe I should think about buying a lift-top coffee table.


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