Creative High Heel Cupcakes


Who would have thought of creating cupcakes that look like high heels? Nowadays, bakers don’t throw a dessert into a plate just like that, they create interesting and creative designs that will stimulate people visually and not only. If you want to cook and bake like professionals do, you can get inspired by this cupcake design. You will have to give special attention to the aspect, not just to the taste. The high heel cupcakes are one of the most ingenious desserts that you will see in your entire life and every lady would love them. The platform of the high heel shoe is made of cupcakes with cream on the top, while the foot is made of giant lady fingers and the heel is made from chocolate sticks. You can use several color schemes and create variety on the plate, just by changing the flavor you add to the cream. You can use cute bows and flower decorations to add to the top of the high heels for a more pretty design.High Heel Cupcakes (tutorial)