DIY Pallet Swing Bed


I have many hobbies I enjoy. I love soft cushions, hammocks, and handmade quilts. However, the things I enjoy the most are lying down and reading or crocheting. Those simple activities make me feel tranquil seeming like I’m on the highest level. These simple things inspire me to do more, innovate, and create. To be at the highest level of pleasure, I enjoy sitting on a nice Pallet Coffee Table having a green tea.

Ever since I got married, I have always had the dream of living in the country. My ideal home design includes having a small house plus a green and a porch with a swing that I just a couple of inches. However, I think one could just create a Pallet hanging bed in the same fashion as the one seen in “The Merry Thought” built by Manda and her husband. Despite having five children, the couple still managed to complete such a beautiful project while finishing it with a well-detailed step by step guide that adds incredible photos to the holistic design.

It would be a wonderful thing if I could build something as incredible as that as soon as possible, spending some cool evenings with my significant other.

Share your thoughts with us if you love this idea of spending a col evening this way.

What you need:

Tools: Drill, Screws, Saw, Measuring Tape

Supplies/Ingredients: Rope, Mattress, Pallets