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Felino CB7, The Canadian Supercar

Canada ia a world wide known country for the maple syrup but certainly not for the automotive industry. This doesn’t mean that there are no Canadian car enthusiasts that wish to put up with their own car brands. This is also the case for CB7 Felino. Felino CB7 is the newest supercar that comes from the realm of maple syrup, Canada and, unlike Tomahawk Dubuc, this model does exist in real life and was even presented at the Montreal Auto Show 2014 (who knew there was one?).
This Canadian supercar with the name of a transceiver station is a creation of Antoine Bessete, the chief of Felino and a racing driver born in Quebec. Some rumors say that Felino CB7 will have a V8 engine with over 500 hp, other rumors say that the propeller will be a fourth in turbo line.
In the same time, we know for sure that when it’s done, the Canadian car will have a manual gearbox with six gears and axle weight distribution of 50/50.