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Home Office Design Guide: 8 Steps to Follow

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In 2020, the whole world started working from home due to COVID-19. We are over the severe quarantine conditions and back in our offices. But over 10 percent of the world’s workers still work at home. Some of these employees were already working from home. But some of them changed their working environment after the pandemic. Besides the full-time employees, we have faced the “Great Resignation”. Employees have been quitting their jobs to have more flexible and free hours. Most of them quit their jobs to be work-at-home freelancers. So, right now, a large population needs an office at home. If you are one of the people looking for home office design ideas, we have some tips to help you.

home office design

Determine your needs.

Yes, you need an office at home, and you need ideas. But before diving into home office design ideas, you should determine your needs. What kind of working conditions do you need to have? Will you work with a computer? Will you need storage units, soundproof materials, etc.? After determining your needs, you can take other steps.

woman listing the needs for home office

Find a good location.

Home office design is a serious job. You will spend hours working in your workroom. Therefore, you should be careful about the location of your office. Choose the perfect place for your table and your sight. It is important that you have a bright view. If you face the wall, you will not be able to work efficiently after a while.

woman working near window

Plan the layout.

After finding a good location, you will need to sketch the layout of your office. Be sure of where you will place your office furniture. And therefore, you should check the dimensions of both space and furniture.

planning the layout

Decide on a desk and a chair.

It does not matter what your job is. Most jobs require a desk and a chair if you are a white-collar employee. Therefore, during home office design, you should try to choose the most ergonomic and functional desk and chair. You may need a desk with storage options like drawers and shelves. On the other hand, your chair should have neck and back supports.

home office design ideas

Set up lighting.

You will spend hours in your workroom. Therefore, good lighting is vital for home office design. There are many options for lighting. But the two most important things are natural light and the quality of the lighting your lamp supplies. We already mentioned that you should place your desk near a window. In addition to natural light, you should get high-quality light from your lamps. Be sure that your lamp supplies light close to natural light for your eye health.

taks lamp on a desk

Get storage units.

Home office design is crucial. Like at the office, no one will clean your room or place your files on the shelves. You will be on your own; therefore, you will need to keep your room organized. And organizing a room is easier with storage units. Check out the best and most useful storage options. According to the space you have, you can get small, medium, and large storage units. It is also better to get wall-mounted shelves to get more storage space.

office with shelves

Take care of the cables.

We are in the digital age, and we have plenty of devices connected with cables, creating ugly-looking clutter. In addition, these cables create an unsafe atmosphere. To create a clean look and a safe working space, you should use zip ties, cable clips, or cable sleeves.

Create a cozy atmosphere.

You will spend hours at your home office. Therefore, it is essential that you like and enjoy your home office design. Try to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere that you will never want to leave behind. You can add a place to have fun and a place to relax a little.

woman working at home

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