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How to Create a Hobby Room That Will Be Your Escaping Place for a Long Time

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Every person should have a hobby. Hobbies help us motivate ourselves and create a better self. If we have hobbies, we can keep our minds on them. Think about the things you like to do most. If you already have a hobby, we may go one step further. In order to isolate yourself and focus on the things you like, you can create a hobby room just for yourself. If you have a separate room, it will be easy for you. But if you do not have a spare room, then you can create a specific area within your living room, study room, or even in your bedroom. There are different types of hobbies; therefore, we will share our advice according to these categories.


a man knitting

Music Room

If you can play musical instruments like the guitar, keyboard, piano, or drums, then you might want to have a soundproof hobby room. Even if you apply isolation with insulation added, you still need a specific distance to other rooms. Because isolation does not work 100 percent of the time. Therefore, you should try to choose your music room location as far away as possible. With this method, you will not annoy your family or your neighbors.


After choosing your room’s location and completing the isolation process, you can think about the accessories you will place in your room. Do not create clutter in your room with too many accessories. Try to keep it simple but elegant.


sound-proof music room

Arts-and-Crafts Room

Do you like painting, working with wood, or other handiwork? Such hobbies will require good ventilation. Because, for example, the painting will spread chemicals and odors. Therefore, you will need to create a good, ventilated hobby room. After setting up ventilation, you can choose the desk, drawing table, or easel you will work on.

But for the arts and crafts room, you will need a closet or shelves. Because you will need to keep your accessories in a specific place in order to have an organized hobby room. Besides, as you will have lots of equipment like paints, tools, and brushes, you will need them at any time. And you will need to find them easily.

In addition to all of this, as you will focus on your work and need to see every little detail, you may need a task lamp. Lastly, as your work will cause dust, you may want to cover your floor with an easy-to-clean covering like tarpaulin, textile floorcloth, etc.


a woman painting

Project Room

People’s hobbies change a lot. But we would like to give an imaginary project room example. For instance, you like sewing and creating clothes, bed sheets, etc. You will need a sewing machine and a table on which to place it. We suggest you buy a U or L-shaped table. These tables will keep you organized and help you work in a better environment. If you do not have enough space, you can place a table just for your sewing machine.

After deciding on the table, you will need a storage area for your equipment, such as needles, scissors, sewing yarn, pencils, etc. You can extend the list and buy a perfect closet or shelving system for your hobby room.

Our last suggestion for your project room is lighting. You will need to do everything correctly. If not, your whole effort will be wasted. Keep the lighting as natural as possible in order not to have visual defects in the future. In addition to the general lighting in your hobby room, you can add a task lamp so that you can see little details in real-time.


sewing room

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