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Let Us Start Study Room Decoration Together

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You have a separate study room, and you would like to decorate this room? You are in the right place. We are glad to be here to help you with your study room decoration adventure. Some people ask why it is important to decorate study room. Let us answer all together: Because the study room has a positive atmosphere that will help us stay motivated and focused. There are ways to keep your room fresh and positive with little changes. You can follow the steps below.


Arranging the Room

Do you want to decorate study room, but you do not know where to start? Empty the room or the space that you would like to create a working area. If possible, choose the space near the windows because natural light will keep you alert, focused, and motivated.


study room ideas


Choosing the Desk

The most important furniture in the study room will be your desk. Because there are many criteria for choosing the study desk. First, you need to consider how big your desk should be if you want to decorate study room properly. Go to your future study room and check the area dimensions for your desk. The second step is to think about the ergonomics of your table. While you are at the store, check the height of the tables that you like. The optimal height of a study desk should be between 26 and 30 inches. Along with the desk, you should check the ergonomics of the chair as well. Be sure that the chair you buy is adjustable and comfy. Besides all that, your desk should have a storage area and mobility options as well.


work desk



Having enough light is important while working or studying. because enough light will keep you focused and prevent eye strain. Therefore, you may want to get a lampshade. The lighting solution you will choose should mimic natural light as much as possible, have a cool white light bulb, etc.


lamp on the table


Sitting Area

You may want to have an extra sitting area where you can rest or study in a more comfortable area. According to the dimensions of your room, you can buy a comfortable couch. Having some rest will keep you focused and help you study better. In addition, the extra sofa will help you complete your study room decoration.


couch in the study room


Wall Paint Choice

Study room decoration does not mean only choosing furniture or accessories. Wall paint is also an important criterion. because colors change our mood. According to the research, the best colors for study rooms are light gray, light yellow, or off-white. If you want to choose other colors, try to stay with light colors that will not cause eye strain.


study room ideas


Organizers and Storage Areas

If you want to be successful in study room decoration, you should get rid of the clutter. Clutter can also cause a distraction while studying. Therefore, you should get organizers and storage areas that will keep you organized.

shelves and organizers


Decorating the Walls

Study room decoration is difficult, but it does not have to be boring. You can decorate your walls as you wish. Of course, try not to hang everything you find, but try to hang things that motivate you. This can be pictures of people you love, motivational sentences, etc.

wall decoration


Favorite Items

Your work area will also be your cave, where you stay motivated, fresh, and peaceful. Therefore, during your study room decoration period, you should choose some items to put on your desk or shelves. For example, you can put mementos, a flower pot, or a clock on your desk. To stay fresh, you can change these items from time to time.

study room decoration

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