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How To Install Rectangular Living Room

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The laying of small living spaces is always more difficult than the decoration of large and square meters of living spaces, of course, but today, as a result of the expansion of small apartments especially in large cities, furniture production in the world has started to be designed to be compatible with small spaces. Therefore, designing modular furniture and small living spaces is now much easier than before and our options are a lot more.

Create A Comfortable Corridor

In a long and narrow room, creating a comfortable passageway for people to pass through is one of the most important points. Of course, this is a very important point for any room, but especially when it comes to a narrow space, a more challenging decoration can emerge. When you make your choice of furniture and accessories for rectangular living room decoration, remember that the last thing you want in the living room is people who are fitted with furniture or zigzag in the room, so you should always prioritize a comfortable and streamlined way. If possible, create this passage corridor not to center the short edge of the room, but to lean to one side, which will create a more aesthetically pleasing and more comfortable atmosphere.

Don’t Put Everything On The Wall

One of the biggest and common mistakes made when designing narrow or small living spaces is to put all the furniture on the walls. This move to make the living space more crowded does not make the room more comfortable, as we mentioned above, when the furniture leaning on one side moves away from the wall on the other side, a wide walkway and a more intimate and modern aesthetic will emerge. When all the furniture rests on the four walls of the room, there is usually an unwelcome and unusable opening.

Seats In Place Of Triple Sofa

When designing rectangular living rooms, we instinctively first think of a triangular sofa, which is placed parallel to the long side. But this is one of the moves that will create that gloomy and overwhelming tunnel effect in the room because a long sofa will highlight the long wall in front of it, whereas in principle, what we are trying to do is to emphasize the middle space, not the long wall. Therefore, when choosing furniture, we can say that the most ideal seating groups, especially for rectangular halls, are corner sets in L. With its L-shaped structures, these sofas not only cover the long wall but also the short edge, so they draw our eyes to the empty space in the middle. In addition to being the most efficient and spacious furniture to use a small space, they also visually make the room more spacious.

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