Stone Wall Decoration for Living Room


One of the most important details in the living room is the walls. Stonewall decoration examples for the hall is one of the recent rising decoration trends. Decorative elements with the natural stone appearance or brick look are plenty of preferred details in new, cool home decoration of modern times. The most used places in the room are the back of the television or the wall of the area where we sit. not apply to all rooms.It is best to apply the whole room to the back of the television or on a single wall in front of the seating group instead of applying it to the four walls. Wall panels application is one of the easiest and most practical wall decoration solutions.

How do different wall applications offer us home decoration?

A historical look, a cool and classic posture, an old-style like a museum, and many other breezes like this, bring us to our homes. In addition to the old-style fire bricks, there are white, bright, more modern-looking stones. Depending on the light of your house, the size of your window, the width of your rooms, you decide which stone can be more appropriate. Because remember, the stone wall decoration will darken the rooms, albeit some.

Application and Use of Natural Stones on Walls

Stonewall construction is pretty simple. The stone wall model of your choice is produced to the extent you want in pieces of the square shape. These parts adhere to the wall with special adhesives as desired. If desired, you can even paste yourself. The application does not damage the wall. It also provides a kind of insulation on the wall. They contribute to the confinement of heat and sound in the room. It can be easily wiped and easily removed for many years.