Guangzhou Circle

The Importance of the Guangzhou Circle Building


 We are sure that you have come across iconic buildings in China. It is for sure that China has a futuristic perspective in every industry. This futuristic perspective has been reflected in buildings occasionally. Buildings such as Beijing Daxing International Airport, CCTV headquarters, Harbin Grand Theater, etc. are already popular. But there is a building that is both strange and contemporary in shape. Yes, we are talking about the Guangzhou Circle building.

This doughnut-shaped building was built in 2013. The whole world paid attention to the building. But Guangzhou Circle is still popular. Thousands of tourists pay a visit to the building every day. Let us check why the building is important for China and the world.

the golden panels of Guangzhou Circle


The importance of the Guangzhou Circle building

Unique Design

Guangzhou Circle looks like a giant donut or torus with a hole in the middle. This design represents unity and harmony, symbolizing the circle of life and eternity.

Landmark Status

The Guangzhou Circle has become a famous symbol of Guangzhou and a recognizable landmark. It attracts tourists and architecture lovers from around the world.

the doughnut-shaped building


Cultural Meaning

The design of the building is inspired by Chinese symbols and perspective. The circular shape represents harmony and unity, and the exterior features a traditional Cantonese lattice pattern.

Economic and Urban Development

The doughnut-shaped skyscraper is part of a major urban development project. It has helped attract investment, boost the economy, and change the city.

Architectural Innovation

The building showcases modern architectural design and construction techniques. Its unconventional shape and intricate facade required advanced engineering.

the sky


In summary, the Guangzhou Circle building is important for its unique design, landmark status, cultural importance, impact on urban development, and architectural innovation. The designer of the building, Joseph di Pasquale, has proven that he is a brilliant architect. The 33-storey building cost around USD 150 million.


a view from the center of the circle of the Guangzhou Circle