Joystick-Controlled Joyboat


Many of those that love “hitting the water” stop loving it so much at the point where they stop being the captain of the boat. For those that have the possibility of enjoying the water and the surroundings for a few moments of recreation, we have the perfect boat for you to choose. The Joyboat Electric Boat is designed by Sky Yacht in a such way that the vessel is powered by a set of almost silence electric engines, so that you will not be disturbed by all sorts of sounds when relaxing. These batteries that feed the boat are long lasting, meaning you can enjoy up to 8 hours on the water at an average cruising speed. Directing the boat is a piece of cake since you have to use this innovative joystick setup. The boat is equipped with a 7 inch screen computer with touch-screen that displays your progress and speed, the GPS, autopilot cruise control, lets you control the 50-watt Bluetooth speakers and the remote steering option.