KtraK Snowmobile Bike Kit


The most unpleasant season for cyclists is undoubtedly winter. Cold, snow and ice are making the practice of cycling almost impossible. If it’s cold you can wear warmer clothes, if there is ice you can put studded tires, but what will you do with deep snow? Here is a suggestion: you can get a kit Ktrak.
Although a few years old, still Ktrak system is unrivaled. The kit contains several parts that can turn almost any bike into a real snow vehicle. The main piece is a 26 inch wheel that should be installed instead of the original wheel. It is made of reinforced nylon, has hub bearings and can manage both rim and disc brake. On the outside, the wheel has a three rolls stretched rubber track placed in the back. A few connecting elements fixate the wheel to the bicycle.
The conversion takes only a few minutes and can be done by anyone for it is simple and easy. The track provides a perfect grip and traction unmatched by any bike tire. For going downhill, A sky holder is available with the kit, you just make sure it replaces the front wheel. Although it has 26″, the kit can be mounted on a 29er equipped with disc brakes. Almost every frame fits the KtraK system, even those with suspension. The kit gets a minus for the 6 gears group that is included in the delivery. Going over a few small drawbacks, KtraK is an excellent alternative for bike riders helping to stay in shape all winter without forgetting the fun.
The price of the kit is somewhere in between 500 and 600 dollars. Tell us your oppinion on it! [Purchase]