Kwid Concept From Renault


Sometimes, when you drive towards your vacation spot, you might not have the desire of sitting in the car at a traffic congestion. Useless to mention about when you have to get to an important meeting in 20 minutes, and you are on the other side of the city. The iPhone navigation works just well for some of us that have a drivers licence, but nothing is better then checking out the traffic situation for yourself. Now Renault Kwid Concept tries to teach us that this is possible with the help of a drone that can be controlled manually and that can be docked on the roof of your vehicle. It can be controlled thanks to the built-in dashboard tablet or leave it to run on auto-pilot. A drone is also called the eye from the sky, and will not only help you see for yourself how the traffic is, but it will take some awesome photographs from the air, plus it is really fun to play with since it acts and looks like a toy helicopter. This two-wheel drive, two-door model called Renaukt Kwid is powered by a dual-clutch 1.2 liter turbocharged engine. We hope you will tell us your opinion on this interesting cool concept.