Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo, the Monster RV That Is World’s Most Decadent and Expensive

Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo, the Monster RV That Is World’s Most Decadent and Expensive

We’re here for the most expensive trailer in the world. Both the state-of-the-art and future technologies, this caravan is a reason to sever all ties with the world. The cost of the world’s most expensive caravan is $3 million.
The futuristic driver’s cabin is ahead of its time. Manufactured with thrilling precision using high-performance carbon fiber materials. With its super sports car design shapes and 36-inch rim protections looks like an up-to-date race car.
 The design of the cockpit features central digital equipment and MMI control motivated by private jet cockpit functions like in a noble limousine. The windshield is inspired by helicopters and has an adjustable sun protection system that can be darkened in two stages. The eleMMent series shows strong design statements in the body construction with outstanding functionality and comfort.
The very complex body construction manufacturing process exceeds the needs of mobile homes. The incredibly robust body structure provides outstanding stability with a 60+ mm wall thickness. The insulation is comparable to expedition vehicles which operate on extreme off-road terrains. The yacht windows, the noble chrome trims and the indirect lighting keep the elegant design lines of the eleMMent palazzo Superior.
As its formidable height suggests, the RV has two stories, with the cockpit, a colossal-sized master bedroom, and a bathroom filling out the top floor, 40-inch TV, an onboard bar, a fireplace, and even its own rooftop terrace.
The bedroom and bath make you feel as though you are a king or queen in your palatial palace waiting for your servants to attend to your every need.
The interior kitchen seems to blend in with the overall design making it a piece of art in tune with the rest of the RV.
A very unusual cockpit with one of the more peculiar features is the tri-blade windshield wiper.