Tesla Model M Motorcycle For Bike Enthusiasts


Tesla has made several offerings in four wheel design that have successful in gaining a fan following in the market. Today the fans and their enthusiasms towards the brand’s products are tested by a two wheeled vehicle of electric mode that has been unveiled. This unique vehicle has been designed by Jans Slapins and Elon Musk and what is unveiled is a unique motorcycle design by the company. It is called Tesla Model M Motorcycle and is a concept bike like no other.

Elon Musk has created a unique bike with design elements that might be expected from US brands. The bike is running with an electric motor of 204 PS or 150 kW capacity. There are four different kinds of modes included in the motorcycle design which offer distinct riding experiences called the Eco, Standard, Cruise and Race. The Tesla model m motorcycle is powered by lithium ion batteries which are installed inside the frame of the bike. There is no transmission feature in the motorcycle that includes a storage space in the trunk in place of the fuel tank. The other unique features of the bike include wheels made of carbon fiber that are lightweight with mono shock absorbers placed at the back.

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