The Astonishing Car Buick Electra


New Buick Electra has been announced in China. When the first generation Buick Electra came out in 1959, it was not an electric car and was not a model of efficiency. Sixty years later, the concept that borrows her name shares with her somewhat tortured lines.

With the grain that the manufacturer gives us to grind in its press release, not much concerning the electrical architecture should however be the point mainly developed.

We just learned that it would carry the famous low-cobalt Ultium battery. Thanks to the addition of aluminum which they are planning to release with the GMC electric Hummer.

What about range, engine power, consumption, and recharging scenarios? Nothing to bite us on this. Above all, Buick wishes to insist with this prototype on the artificial intelligence that they will embed in future models of the brand and on an aesthetic identity towards which it wishes to strive.

In terms of style, precisely, the Electra is a hybrid machine between a 4-seater crossover and a GT (Grand Touring). Buick evokes a space capsule. The 4 doors which open in an antagonist way and the high ground clearance can give this impression slightly. Inside, however, the comparison looks more legitimate, with seats and a large curved digital Retina display that appears suspended in the air. The huge all-glass roof must accentuate the feeling of being on board a spacecraft at night.

Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) is the company that developed the first concept of The Electra. Later joined a venture with General Motors to one of the largest Chinese automobile manufacturers: SAIC Motor(Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation).