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Tiger-Stone Machine for Roads

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The Tiger-Stone is a six meter wide paving machine that the street/road in perfect herbestraat one time can be. The Tiger-Stone also brings directly the edge finish. The end result is that the stones tightly locked up immediately lie between the pavement tires. The street/road is finished in one go and there is no waste or debris on the road

Tiger-Stone offers;

  • Better working conditions.
  • Motivated and enthusiastic staff.
  • High daily production: 300 m² possible.
  • Implemented high quality work.
  • The edge is placed directly with it, so no cut work afterwards!
  • Different elements simultaneously processing possible.
  • Partially incapacitated staff productive again.
  • Short payback time.
  • Simple operation.
  • Low maintenance costs.

This is just a few of the benefits for you or your company. Follow us on +IcreativeD

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