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ULTra-A Green Transportation System

At Heathrow Airport in London, passengers get to test a network of personal driver-less pods that take them to their destinations, pods that have to cut down on pollution and congestion. We are talking about an Urban Light Transport (ULTra). This innovative form of Personal Rapid Transit is designed to meet the convenient, reliable, easy to use, inexpensive and safe, while also satisfying public demands for ease of construction, environmental benefit and value for money, with minimal environmental impact, yet more convenient than the car. These vehicles include air conditioning and heating, seats for 4 adults and depositing space for pushchairs and luggage. They allow safe acces for push chairs and wheelchairs. The maximum speed they can reach is 40 kph (25 mph), against this fact the non-stop service ensures short trip times. These pods are also energy efficient traveling non-stop and only on demand meanwhile being small and light, they save ⅔ rds of automotive energy requirements, and are substantially more efficient than the usual public transport. This has to be a green transportation system of the future.

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