Vario Signature 1200: A Customizable Luxury RV with A Built-in Parking Garage


A customizable luxury RV with a built-in parking garage that lets you take your car along with you…this is the Vario Signature 1200. This jewel of German engineering mixes luxury with practicality. Its signature design guarantees privacy with its tinted windows but provides the option for outdoor living space with a motorized awning.



The garage for the car opens at the rear of the RV. Space inside varies according to your car and its specifications. The largest XXL garage option is able to accommodate moderately sized cars such as a Porsche 911 or BMW Z4.



Automated steps fold out to allow easy access into the RV’s cabin. The living area becomes more spacious at the push of a button thanks to the extendable side panel.



In the cockpit, there is plenty of space for the pilot and up to 3 co-pilots, as there is a second row of adjustable comfy leather seats. The pilot is able to monitor activities inside and outside the vehicle through rear and side-view cameras. There is also a camera at the cabin door for security purposes. When it is time for the pilot to take a nap, a floating pull-down bed is situated above the pilot’s seats.



On-board TVs and tables can be stowed away or adjusted when not in use. The kitchen is also thoughtfully designed to reveal a sink, disposal area, electric cooking hob, and a large fridge/freezer unit. There is also an area for dining.



The bathroom area and shower are modern and spacious. The master bedroom is inviting, with its large soft bed and a skylight to view the stars at night or to let the sun in the morning. Additional space in the RV can be allocated for separate sleeping areas, with up to 6 beds. Living areas can be tailored individually to suit the needs of the owners, with the designers at Vario guaranteeing “the highest level of living comfort”.