Hummer H1 X3: Worlds Biggest Hummer

Hummer H1 X3: World’s Biggest Hummer!


Yes, what you see in the image above is actually a working vehicle! But also a house at the same time. Owned by the Emirati royal and politician Hamdan bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the vehicle is fully operational. Even though a standard Hummer H1 is a big car, it looks tiny next to this special version. The car is an exact replica of the standard H1 but in a bigger scale. This huge machine is named H1 X3, it gets its name for being three times bigger than the original H1. According to the Sharjah Off Road History Museum which is where the car is located, the car is 46 feet long and 20 feet wide. Along with a height of 21.6 feet!

The Largest Hummer Drives

The car is drivable despite its large build. Apparently, it can reach up to 19 mph, which is impressive considering its size. To achieve this speed, the Hummer H1 X3 used the help of four diesel engines. Driving it however is not like an ordinary car. You need to pilot it through screens. But it’s not just a car, you can also live inside this Hummer. Even though the interior is still a work in progress, it has a toilet and a sink. The car has two floors, the second of which is a guest area. 

We Won’t See It On The Road

The car is a house on wheels, but as you can guess it will not be used regularly. The car will be a part of the Off Road History Museum in Sharjah. It will be added to the biggest off road car collection ever, which is owned by Hamdan bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Considering the harmful gasses this huge machine will emit and how hard it is to ride, it might be the best choice…




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