Robot Lawnmower-Ecovacs: Goat G1

Robot Lawnmower: Ecovacs Goat G1


Having a lawn sure is great! But maintaining it is the part you may not enjoy. Cleaning your garden and mowing it can be a tough chore. Especially during summertime when grass grows very rapidly. Mowing your lawn for hours under the sun is very exhausting and time consuming. So, for a lot of us it is a task we like to postpone. But autonomous electronics provider Ecovacs provides a solution. Alongside their autonomous vacuums and other gadgets, they provide a robot lawnmower that is powered by AI…


Robot Lawnmower Provides Autonomous Mowing

In recent years, robot vacuums have become very popular. With the ease of use and autonomy they provide, they’ve been making our lives easier. The Ecovacs Goat G1 is a similar concept to those robovacs. The robot lawnmower acts similar to a robot vacuum. It used the power of technology to mow your lawn on its own. Just like a robot vacuum, you can control the Goat G1 using your smartphone. The device uses the help of multiple cameras to see around your garden. Using the power of algorithms, it can detect common objects in your garden. Therefore, it is able to act according to what you may have laying around in your garden. By avoiding obstacles on its own, it prevents damage to both itself and your tools…

No-Effort Lawnmowing

The robot lawnmower calculates the route it is going to take before mowing. Using a striped pattern, it makes sure not to miss a spot. According to the Ecovacs website, the intelligent mower is able to frame a standard garden in 20 minutes. After setting up boundaries, it starts mowing inside the area. Also according to their numbers, with the maximum mowing area of 1600 square meters, G1 mows a 600 square meters of garden in just one day. Also if it gets low on battery during the process, it goes back to its charging port to recharge and then continues on after charging…