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The Ruyi Bridge in China

Discover the Thrilling Ruyi Bridge: Soar 140 Meters Above Ground!

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There are some images that have gone viral over the years. Everyone first thought that the rendered images of the Ruyi Bridge were not real. But in time, the whole world was surprised by the fact that the bridge was real and open to visitors. The bridge has a shape that is known in China as a “Ruyi,” which is a curved decorative object.

Located in Shenxianju Scenic Area, the Ruyi Bridge has a glass-bottom walkway, which makes everyone think that the bridge is not real. The structural steel expert He Yunchang designed the curved bridge, a symbol of good fortune. At an altitude of 140 meters, the bridge has two storeies.  The curved structure has three curved walkways at which you can enjoy the perfect and playful wonder.


bird's-eye-view of a bridge



Are You Courageous Enough to Walk on the Ruyi Bridge?

In order to enjoy the bridge, you need to be courageous. Because, as we mentioned, the Ruyi Bridge has a glass bottom at a high altitude, causing dizziness. But be sure that you will have a great time in the clouds.


The Ruyi bridge is only 100 meters long, offering a short but unforgettable experience. The transparent glass has become one of the most famous scenic areas of Shenxianju Valley. The bridge was opened in 2020, and over 200,000 people visited in a short period of time.


Tibetan mountains



If you have the chance to visit the Ruyi Bridge, we are sure that you will be impressed by the nature and fairytale atmosphere. The main frame of the bridge is curved metal, which resembles a DNA strand. Some people, such as Madeleine Grey, resemble the bridge to Sauron’s Eye from the Lord of the Rings.


People who visited the Ruyi Bridge stated that people who are afraid of heights should not visit the bridge. But if you are looking for an adventure above the clouds, you should definitely pay a visit. Besides, you can take outstanding photographs of the valley and cliffs. So, are you courageous enough to walk on the transparent glass at an altitude of 140 meters?



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