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Special Burial Project That Allows You To Be Resurrected As A Real Tree After You Die: Capsula Mundi

Thousands of years have passed and death remains a mystery. It looks like it will always protect its own mystery.

Under the fear of this mystery and obscurity, different burial procedures are applied to the deceased in different cultures. The most common of these, as you know, end up in the ground. What if we told you about a method that ends up in the ground, but represents rebirth rather than death?

Here’s the alternative burial project Capsula  Mundi, which aims to take its place alongside classicized rituals:

 The project was started by Italian designers Anna Citeli and Raoul Bretzel

The main aim is to make a tree that feeds on the body of the deceased and make the death more meaningful.

Designers have developed an organic, recyclable burial capsule that can convert dead bodies into nutrients for trees.

Bodies in fetal position are put in a capsule with tree seeds.

The seeds feed on this body and gradually grow into trees.

People can choose the tree they want to turn into.

Instead of cemeteries filled with headstones, the designers aim to create memorial parks where a tree representing everyone finds themselves.

Besides the tree, this burial pattern allows seasonal plants such as starch, potatoes and corn to emerge.

The cutting of trees for special coffins, especially in Christianity, increases the value of this project, which contributes to nature.

The project has not yet materialized since burial is prohibited in Italy.